"Tether is Why Bitcoin's Price Rises" Fact or FUD?


This is completely idiotic, but we'll still go over the details.

     We’ll just assume they’re right about Tether being a complete fraud. Even though it’s not that simple.

     Simply showing Tether issuance going up while the Bitcoin price also rises is ridiculous and proves absolutely nothing, because Tether insurance will obviously increase as Bitcoin/Crypto is used more and speculated on more. That’s why you can do the same thing with USDC issuance even though they’re 100% compliant with the US government.

     The market cap of Tether is $80 billion compared to Bitcoin’s $1 trillion market cap. This alone pretty much disproves it because there is no conceivable way that Tether would be anywhere near solely responsible for Bitcoin’s price.

     Don’t get it twisted, if Tether blows up, you will feel it in the Bitcoin price to say the least, but it would just be sort-medium term. Long term it would be fine, and continue to thrive. If you’re so confident, stop complaining like child on social media and leverage short Tether and Bitcoin, but we all know none of you are going to do that because you just want attention.

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