Chinese Firms Helping Military Get AI Chips Added to US Export Blacklist



Apr 10, 2024

Reuters reporting – The United States has moved to tighten export controls against China’s military advancements by adding four Chinese companies to its export blacklist, citing their attempts to acquire artificial intelligence (AI) chips for military use. Announced during a Senate subcommittee hearing on strengthening export control enforcement, these companies have been identified as key players in aiding China’s military modernization efforts, particularly in the realm of AI technology.

As a result, they’ve been placed on the Commerce Department’s Entity List, which severely restricts their ability to receive goods and technology from U.S. suppliers due to a high likelihood of license denial. The entities named include LINKZOL (Beijing) Technology Co, Xi’an Like Innovative Information Technology Co, Beijing Anwise Technology Co, and SITONHOLY (Tianjin) Co.

In addition to targeting entities involved with China’s military, the U.S. has also imposed restrictions on companies implicated in supporting aggressive military actions by Russia in Ukraine and by Iran-backed Houthis in Red Sea shipping attacks. Among the broader actions, the U.S. listed companies for aiding in the production and procurement of drones used by Russia against Ukrainian infrastructure and by Houthis in maritime assaults, underscoring a comprehensive approach to export control enforcement aimed at curtailing activities deemed as threats to international security and U.S. foreign policy interests.

These measures reflect ongoing tensions between the U.S. and China, particularly regarding military modernization and regional security issues, amid efforts by Chinese leadership to significantly enhance their military capabilities by 2050.

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