"Bitcoin is a Bubble/Fad" - Fact or Fud


Is it a bubble?

     The volatility of Bitcoin really confuses most people. Put simply, volatility goes both ways, you can’t have 200% a year average returns without having seemingly scary moves down along the way.

     Bitcoin does have short-mid term bubbles that form due to speculation siince Bitcoin is still in the beginning stages of being monetized, but that’s normal market behavior. It just happens in shorter time frames in Bitcoin.

Years Lasted

Is it a Fad?

     It obviously isn’t if you actually look at adoption instead of your own biased opinion on if it’s uselful or not. Just like the internet wasn’t a fad. Unlike the internet adoption era, people don’t have to spend a huge percentage of their income just to participate. Bitcoin has an adoption rate similar to the internet, faster if you include the broader “crypto” ecosystem.
     Bitcoin’s detractors in first world countries don’t realize how useful something like Bitcoin is for people under an authoritarian regime with hyperinflation. Bitcoin at scale benefits everyone including first world nations, but it benefits the third world in a massive way TODAY.

Unique Bitcoin Users vs Bank Accounts